Barry Bonds: The New Home Run King

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  1. I always thought you were a I'm sure of it.
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  2. Just cause 1-2 individuals are involved with drugs doesn't mean "the sport" is riddled with drugs although I do think baseball is a joke to allow him to keep the record with so many ongoing allegations.
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  3. Even juiced, hitting 756+ homers in the MLB against juiced pitchers is a huge accomplishment, how many of us can do it?

    But, if you're looking for a new sport to follow, MMA is where it is at! UFC, WEC, etc...a million times better than boxing!
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  4. I agree not many of us would be able to do it but it's the intent. And he cheated.
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  5. UFC - "Lets hug tightly in the missionary position all night".
    Get up and throw a punch!

    I still prefer boxing.
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  6. boxing is old and classic..
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  7. I never saw Evander nailing Lennox in the missionary position for an entire fight though.
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  8. then you missed something. like tyson chewing on evander's ear..
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  9. LOL! Oh yeah, how could I forget! In all seriousness, I enjoy the UFC sometimes too. I just don't like when it turns into a grappling fest. Leave it to Royce!
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  10. i like boing too, right now all boxing needs is a heavy weight division, the heavy weight division sux total ass right now..... I cant even think of that dipshit russaisn name off the top of ym head....
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