Barry Bonds: The New Home Run King

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    Does anyone on ET even care? Or are we all just Cubs, Sox, and NY fans? Personally, i'd love to see A-Rod pass Bonds in 6-7 years.
  2. I no longer follow the NBA and MLB... I'm sure most can figure out why.
    Congrats to Bonds if he broke the record without steroids.
  3. A-Rod will defintiely pass him. the youngset to 500. he still has a long time to go..
  4. Conservative sports guys don't see that he's accomplished anything noteworthy. He's irrelevant - a laughingstock almost.

    He's where he should be with that club.
  5. Bonds a laughingstock? I have to disagree. He screwed up his legacy, that's for sure, but it's generally agreed that he would have been a Hall of Fame player even if he hadn't juiced and managed those ridiculous numbers in his late 30's. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that he's one of the best hitters of his era. HGR doesn't give you a swing like his. Most of the guys I see interviewed, when asked about Bonds, say one thing - 'The guy can hit, make no mistake about it'.

    Bonds irrelevant? Not by a long shot. He's the poster boy for steroid use and the flashpoint for the debate in the U.S. If MBL decides to (attempt to) crack down on juicing, it will be because of him.

    I'm no fan of Bonds and his record has an asterisk, but I think 'laughingstock' and 'irrelevant' are inaccurate.
  6. I live in San Fran. he is still a pretty big deal here, but the fact that a met fan (my team) caught the ball......priceless
  7. f**k sports.
  8. He's going to be found guilty soon and then the record will be stripped.
  9. Depends which sports youre talking about. If sports were scrapped al together the world wouldnt survive.
  10. Trouble is even real sports like horse racing are absolutely riddled with drugs.

    Its rarely about the game anymore.
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