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    anyone read barrons over the weekend??? anyone else feel its going to effect the market this morning???
  2. TGregg


    Nuts, my copy is still unread. What'd it say?
  3. monee


    Scary if your long with position trades and believe in contrarian indicators.
  4. I am long with position trades... anyone care to share a paraphrased version?

    Although, in the whole scheme of things, when I do my homework looking at daily, weekly, and monthly charts, I cannot think of one time that I have ever checked the archived news looking for a "reason" that a significant low or high was put in.

    So unless Peter Lynch is getting ready to dump Magellan and this time he is telling Barrons prior to doing it.... a la Oct 1987....!

  5. Barron's was wrong for about 28 years. They were sarcastically making fun of anyone dumb enough to hold stock during the greatest bull market in history. Hey, p/e's were high. Ben Graham always said buy a dollar's worth of assets for .50, didn't he? I guess they're back at it.

    I'm not particularly bullish intermediate to long term, but I would never let Barron's, and Abelson in particular, influence me.
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    I like the first column and the last one - pretty funny to read them.