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  1. For those of you who subscribe to Barron's, does it always arrive in your mailbox by Saturday?
  2. Choad


    I sub'd several years ago and no, it didn't always arrive Sat.

    It is only printed in certain large urban areas, like LA, and in my case it had to "get on the truck" by early o'clock and travel 3 hours to my post office in time to get stuffed in the box before about 11:00 am.

    It didn't usually make it, so I did the online sub. Much better.
  3. The majority of the time mine arrives on Saturday in the mail. About 2 or 3 times a year it arrives on Monday & a couple times a year doesn't arrive at all in which case you call & they give you a choice to either extend you for 1 week or send you the one you missed again.
  4. Joe


    That's a cool idea, it's to bad they haven't developed a better way to read digital print. My eyes can't take it after a few paragraphs. Nevermind trying to read a whole ebook. Image reading 20 pages of text straight through, on a book its easy but looking at a screen, its like hell for me.
  5. I'm not sure if they still do it this way, but they used to give you barron's online free if you sub'd to the WSJ online edition. Pretty good deal if you want it. I didn't.

    My sub to Barrons almost never came on time. It was ridiculous. Nothing in it anyway, but some touts trying to hype stocks they need to unload. Oh yeah, and Wrongway Alan Abelson, the guy who was proudly bearish for the entire duration of the greatest bull market in history. Cramer's right. Only in financial journalism can you be so incompetent and still keep your job.
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    Mine is always in the driveway on saturday morning.
  7. mine gets delivered @ 1:00 pst each and every saturday morning.
  8. sorry a.m.
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    local delivery at doorstep by 7am sat morn (when the Atlanta Journal Constitution, world's worst newspaper, remembers to deliver), and online subscription to barrons
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