Barrons rates TN & cnbc

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cartm, Mar 16, 2002.

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    TN did well in the barrons survey, where were the others, tradestation and other RT brokers, also that article on cnbc was one of the greatest articles I have read in barrons I usually do not recommend reading it but you should pick up a copy good stuff
  2. tom_p


    CNBC acts like it's the only game in town. On Friday at 9:49am, after a long advertising break and 3 minutes after the futures have reacted, Mark Haines comes on and announces the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index. "We'll have breaking news for you after this short break" is an oft-repeated phrase I've only heard on CNBC. Bugger them all.
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    LOL :D
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    I second that, it's strictly an entertainment channel, a freak show sometimes. It's really frustrating though when you see the market sell off because of Greenspan's speech in Hawaii, and you have to wait 50 minutes for cnbc staff to let the people know what's up. :confused: Yeah, I know, first short, then ask questions :D
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    the guy was pretty much saying it was an infomercial, i never thought of it like that, but hes right, watch cnnfn, and bloomberg, and its different. not much, but not an infomercial. I wonder why they didnt rate trad in their survey i think before they rated them 1 how could u rate a broker 1 and then not rate them glad TN did well in the article
  6. But isn't it a common sense to traders that general media cover stories/hot topics are often amazingly accurate contrary indicators? [Bernie Schaeffer: The Option Advi$or, p.12 & p.40]

    And, anybody to tell me what "LOL" mean? Quite often used but I cannot find it on dictionary.
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    CNBC and Barron´s have been sparring for longer than I care remember. Usually it goes like this....Barron´s points out a small/stupid mistake by CNBC the week before...followed by Mark Haines or Joe Kernan taking jibes at Alan Abelson´s column or some other part of Barron´s, the next Monday.

    The latest article was a bit surprising since it was an all out attack on CNBC. I thought it was rather needless since everyone knows what they truly are.

    LOL...laugh on line...laughing out loud....
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    the thing that caught my attention was that this was a independent writer, not from barrons. people know it, but this guy gave some good concrete examples, instead of just saying cnbc is bias.
  9. I thought Barron's was a DJ publication, a partner of CNBC...