Barron's must be considering removing stock tables from print edition

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    They just sent me a survey about how I use the print Barron's and asked if I would stop my subscription if they removed statistical tables. I made it clear I would stop if they removed the stock tables. One of my favorite activities is taken the Market Week section to the bar on Saturday afternoons and go through the stock tables as I sip wine.
  3. 1) Do you throw darts at the stock tables?
    2) Wine?.......why of course, you're in California. :cool:
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    The survey was very specific, it even asked which parts of the stock tables I use more frequently than others. I answered that I never use earnings column, that I rarely used the dividend/yield column and that I always use the last price and change column. It even asked if I use the company name and ticker columns.

    When the WSJ got rid of most of it's stock tables and other statistics, I didn't put up a stink about it. I know that newspapers are getting hurt from digital media competition and they need to cut costs. The WSJ claimed it could save millions on ink by eliminating much of the statistics. But then they started ballyhooing that they are covering sports now. If they can afford the ink for sports coverage, then they can afford it for market statistics. I canceled my print WSJ subscription last month.
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    Yeah, but it's in a dive bar served from a box.:)
  6. LOL :D
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    Magazines and newspapers will NOT exist in the next decade, maybe even in 5 years.
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    In Firefox highlight a headline in WSJ or FT, right click, select "search google for" and read the story for free on Google.
  9. They will, but there will likely be a lot fewer. For example, if the NY Times becomes a lot smaller, say the Philadelphia Inquirer, they will have to outsource and slash staff to reflect the new economies.

    And a lot of mags are sold through the same places that books are - WalMart, Borders, etc... There will always be some print versions, whether in the niche or in the giant audiences.
  10. Franzia White Zin? :cool:
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