Barron's Hedge Fund Top 100 averaged +13.16% in 2008

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  1. The source for the stats:

    Barron's Hedge Fund Top 100 averaged +13.16% in 2008, with a standard deviation of 21.32%.
    Barclayhedge fund index was -21.63% for the same period.
    Barron's breaks down their top 100 list by 3 year annualised returns. They rank by individual investment partnerships, so a couple of firms actually have multiple funds on the list. Also, they require a minimum of AUM $300 million and have excluded funds that invest in a single 'sector, country or region'
  2. Paulson killed it

    Not as many quants as usual...
  3. One of my friends hedge fund is on that list. Number 38: Abraham Trading.

    Purely systematic.