Barron's : EUR/USD - Parity within 1 year

Discussion in 'Forex' started by syswizard, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. So if the USD is not the best, what is the best currency to short the Euro ? Swiss franc ? JPY ? GBP ?
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  2. the trillion dollar question........

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  3. So the DAX collapses and the EUO still hangs on to the 1.40s. Don't see that lasting long . . . and when it collapses, it will go fast, all the way to the teens.
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  4. call it a roll n' puke.

    that is the beauty of the game.

    " non rational behavior can be capitalized ......"

    do not try to figure it out.

    just trade it.

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    Hi! First time poster but long time reader. Go easy on me! I'm a new poster but I'm a very seasoned trader. I'm getting sick and tired of this Eurozone contagion. One minute everything is dire, the next minute everybody seems to completely forget about the mess, yet in reality nothing has changed; just a mere focus!

    With the SNB intervention and buying up of Euros, we have a strong player who will be underpinning the value of the Euro, therefore chances are we'll be ranging for a while from here.
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  6. " I'm getting sick and tired of this Eurozone contagion.........."

    shop remedy prescribed.

    take 2 tylenol and check back in 6 to 12 months.....:)


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    lol, I think it needs something a little bit stronger than tylenol mate!
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  8. You're pretty smart. Only a catastrophe could hurt the Euro badly now.....Sure, it could go down, but not quickly.

    Time to move to the Yen I think......for more action. Selling Euro Forex call options may be the only decent play.
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    Although if you really want to get in on some Euro action, you could short one of the other pairs, like the EUR/JPY.

    The SNB have billions in their back pocket; and they're ready to use it!
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  10. Jimmy Rogers on CNBC today said "watch out" for an explosive reversal in the Euro should Germany bail out. We've had a nice down move so far. Can it get to 1.20 ?
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