BARRON'S: Barron's Mailbag: Bring Back Fractions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. BARRON'S: Barron's Mailbag: Bring Back Fractions

  2. jaan


    wow, that guy must have really short memory... decimals since 2000. yeah right.

    - jaan
  3. personally, i'm glad we don't use fractions anymore.
  4. not that it really matters, but I would prefer maybe 5 cent increments. One of the reasons ES/NQ are so much easier to trade is that there is liquidity at the price levels. That's pretty much history in stocks these days.
  5. BSAM


    Get George on the phone and let him know what to do to straighten out this economy. The culprit is decimals in the stock market!!! :D :D :D

  6. i think decimals are/were a bad idea. I wan't in the office when they called to ask me. I would have told them to quit trying to kiss the EU's butt.

    I do think that the worst possible time to go horsing around with something as fundamental as that was when they did it...but that's hindsight.

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  7. Babak


    I almost choked on my biscotti when I read that in Barron's this weekend. I think the editor decided that there simply wasn't enough comedic content this week and decided to add it at the last minute. Its good to know that there are still idiots who read Barron's.
  8. 64ths, 100ths, what's the big difference?

    The Nazz didn't crash because of this minor change of procedure.
    It crashed because it was over-inflated, and every dot com had a market cap of 500 Mil+.
  9. great link and most relevant.:D :D :D

    I don't remember that IPO, though.
  10. so if 1/8's or 1/4's would be an improvement, why not 1/2's and whole dollar spreads, that should really help the market.
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