Barrack Obama's future: Disgrace and Exile

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    What can this guy do for two years, play golf?

    "Shellacked at home, shellacked abroad. President Obama's Asia trip is extending a losing streak with the latest setback - a refusal by other major financial powers to follow his lead to revive the global economy.
    The president's nostrums, which began with a call for stimulus-style pump priming by other nations, had evolved into a plan to ease wild swings in currency values and overboard trade imbalances. But he got next to nothing in showdown meetings with other leaders of the G-20 nations, or major economic powers. U.S. leadership, once taken for granted, has all but vanished, and no one's in charge."

    Its seems the president is really finished and will act as a Lame Duck for the next 2 years. He can't enact legistlation. He can't appoint Supreme Court Justices. He and Timmy G. can't run the economy. Some of these guys like Eric Holder will be lucky to avoid imprisonment. Napolitano is a joke as Homeland Security, a real clown.

    Perhaps Barrack Obama should resign. It might be better than disgrace and exile.
  2. What President with a 46 % approval rating would ever consider resigning :confused:
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    None that I know of.
  4. Bush hung in there with a 75 % disapproval rating so you know Obama will.
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    Dumbo is an ego maniac. He can't even come to terms with the ass kicking his party just got, let alone do what's best for the country.
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    as least with bush, the world knew who was in charge.
  7. Cheney?
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    perhaps. but leadership was very much there.
  9. 1.He has an ego,no argument there

    2.Dems still hold the The White House,The Senate and a 46 % Presidential approval rating
  10. Iran and Korea didn't seem to care when they were making their nukes while Bush was in charge. Al qaeda didn't seem to care when they killed 3000 Americans while Bush was in charge.The Talban didn't seem to care when Bush demanded that they turn Bin Ladan over to the US
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