baron's on air

Discussion in 'Events' started by marketsurfer, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. baron,

    is the show archived anywhere ?? would like to listen.

    thanks !

  2. gaj


    i'm hoping that a fair number of people turn up here...robin was very kind in her praise for the site, how it could help traders of all levels, etc.

    mentioned 17k people registered? i think i heard that right.

    anyhow, hopefully baron gets more publicity out of it for ET....
  3. were was baron on air at?
  4. 200-300 unique viewers a day.

    ET has sure helped alot of traders, that is, until they kicked Johnny Rotten off the board.

    Baron, you've made it, you're on the radio!

    BTW, if you were in the Wall St. Journal, or even Forbes, it may carry alittle more credibility .
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  6. He was on the air between the a and the t.