Baron's Five Rules Of Life

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    I don't know if these have been posted here before or not, but I just sumbled across this site today and I liked Baron's Rules:

    Here are Baron Robertson's (Founder of Elite Trade) "Five Rules For Life":

    1.) Automate everything.
    Use online payment services to pay recurring monthly bills (business and personal). Use your computer or phone calendar to automatically remind you of important events. Look at all tasks from the perspective of how they can be automated, and therefore cleared from your plate...forever!

    2.) Don't make simple things time consuming or complex.
    Email is simple and convenient. So don't spend half your day checking it every 10-minutes. Check it once or twice per day and be done with it. And you don't need a 20-page agreement to cover a simple business transaction. One page is plenty.

    3.) Avoid information overload.
    Stop spending time consuming useless news and information. You don't have to spend hours each day reading or watching news or "staying current" just because friends and co-workers are doing it. Instead, use that time for rule #4.

    4.) Challenge yourself.
    Set new goals for yourself and be rewarded beyond measure when you achieve them. Commit to improving your physique. Read an educational book that is outside your comfort zone. Develop new relationships with people who can mentor you, or better yet, with people who can be mentored BY YOU.

    5.) Think different.
    Feel free to structure your world in unorthodox ways. Example: you drive your Toyota to your $3,000 per month office so you can spend 50 hours per week checking email, chatting on the phone, and doing repetitive tasks. Instead, get rid of the Toyota, ditch the office, automate everything, and spend that $3,000 per month on the Ferrari that you now drive to Starbucks once each day to check your email and handle important tasks while sipping on a cappuccino. Life is good! :)
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    Cool site, very insightful for Baron. The editor's choice has some good rules:
  3. does Baron drive a Ferrari :eek:
  4. How does Baron trade in Starbucks?


    with ease.:p
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  6. he makes more from this website than real trading?:confused:
  7. Let me guess, Baron owns a Starbucks location and he got all his connection set up.
  8. Baron has more money than he could spend in one lifetime.

    This website is nothing but a hobby nowadays :D
  9. That's pretty sweet.

    That also means that the things you need to learn to be a profitable trader are all here in ET.
  10. 6) Make new friends at the beach

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