Baron, you might have a virus on ETsite

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Walther, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. It was brouhgt to my attention that when someone is viewing my posts in " Journals " forum, there is a spyware window popping up . Have it checked, I hope that it is not a serious problem.
  2. gms


    That moreso points to a spyware/browser hijacker on that person's computer than on this site. If it were on this site, it would really be on ET's server, not the site, and affecting everyone, if it were possible to do so. It just seems as if it's on this site.

    The browser hijacker is a Browser Helper Object ("BHO") that is programmed to swap a site's ads from X company and replace them with those from Z company. Popups and all are also part and parcel of the strategy. It gets planted in a person's computer without their knowledge.

    The cure is to use a spyware removal program, which many have listed in ET.
  3. You are correct, but it allegedly affects only my posts in journal . Would you try it and go to my S&P journal and see if it happens to you ? Thanks.
  4. MrDinky


    Assuming this is your journal: S&P 500 daily watch, it's not happening to me. I believe gms is correct.

  5. Go to lavasoft's website and download ad-aware. There is a free version on their website. This will scan your computer and remove any spyware that is installed on your system.
  6. Baron

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    Yeah, that type of problem would be because of spyware on the computer you are using to access the site, not our servers.
  7. User told me that only journal has that POPNAV problem no my other posts or anyone elses, so it cannot be users pc. It has happened on journal forum so if that forum has separate control system, it came from there. I didnot see any of it on my pc .
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    I had a problem with a Virus on ET yesterday.

    I left ET open all day minimized while I went out. It keep leaping to a Forex trading site and my mouse was useless when I came back later.

    I cleaned it off my hard disk by System Restore and running my anti virus program to isolate it.

    This is not the first time it has happened. More like the 3rd. I never download anything to my trading computer or surf on it to avoid problems.

    Just thought Baron and his computer geeks would like to know this.
  9. Baron

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    That is how spyware works. It looks at the content of pages that you surf, and occasionally pops up an advertisement that is somewhat related to the content on the page. Again, this is done by software that you have inadvertently downloaded onto your machine. There is no code on any pages on this web site that will deliver a pop up ad. So if you are getting pop up advertisements on your computer while surfing ET, is is because you have obtained some spyware/adware from some other site at some point.
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    You guys might also want to consider a firewall that blocks outgoing traffic. Zonelabs/zonealarm is free and considered one of, if not the best for this.
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