Baron, why are moderators posting so much?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by blackguard, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. I belong to a couple of other Forums which are really well run, and the moderators over there stay in the background and moderate. That's it! They don't start threads or interfere in discussions, or play out their prejudices or likes/dislikes through posts. They ensure the Forum is running smoothly and that's it. that's all they should be doing.

    Baron, are you aware that a moderator can influence a thread just by posting there? Just by posting his opinion, a moderator scares off anyone holding an opposite viewpoint. Why would anyone post in disagreement to a moderator when most likely their post will be deleted? Not only that, but all the wannabe's come out of the woodwork and support that moderator in his viewpoint and make the thread seem vey onesided.

    I was just going to post something enlightening on the 'Soros' thread, but I saw inandlong there and just decided its not worth it, because of what I have written above.

    Baron, do you realise how much these moderators are denigrating this site by being active posters? I really hope you think about this seriously, as I believe its an important issue.
  2. way too much moderating going on here.

    everywhere i look, some thread is deleted. or some post or poll is edited. or a thread i want to reply in is closed. or a thread is moved when similar ones stay where they are.

    i think what annoys me the most is when a thread is closed. wtf is up with closing threads?!?!?! they go away on their own if no one has anything to say! obviously if people are replying in the thread, people don't want it closed!

    F. P.