Baron- This sykes fellow is runing your site

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Steelhead, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. I dont understand how you can allow this person to reduce your site to a spam festival. How can any real advertisers take this place seriously after the way it is being whored out to such a
    bottom feeder. Do the right thing
  2. Agreed.

    A failed trader turned snake oil salesman has no business on this site.
  3. It's interesting that you say somebody who loses 1/3 of their assets at age 26 is failure? Do you truly believe I won't come back? Do you truly believe that there aren't lessons in mistakes?

    Gimme a chance guys, seriously, I named my publishing company BullShip Press to cut through all the BullShip, not add to it!
  4. Your "lessons" are total newbie crap, and your story is not original or remotely interesting.
  5. That Sykes douchebag is out of control. He currently has 6 threads running all with the same bullshit "book review" nonsense.

    It's amateur hour around here.

    The guy admittedly doesn't even trade anymore!!!

    WTF happened to this place?
  6. slacker


    Baron, you are missing an opportunity if not several here!

    Hold an auction to ban Timmay forever!!!! As soon as you receive pledges greater than what he is paying as a sponsor he is booted.....

    Or, start an office pool with $10 tickets to guess when Timmay completely blows up and flys away!!!!

    Moderate a Poser Trade-O-Rama between Marketsurfer and Timmay!!!! Bet on the BIGGEST LOSER....

    There is a lot to work with Baron!!!!
  7. timvodas


    I thought about the situation and I think I can make a payback to ET for the opportunity I have had here.

    Times do change as is stated.

    I want to thank nokhoi for inviting me here It was a good idea in those days.

    Spyder has been paying it forward here for years now. There is no way to express my appreciation for his accomplishing all the things he has for the benefit of others and for so long.

    I believe my presence here is outweighed by the trouble it causes Baron Robertson and his business pursuits.

    My thanks to all the people who engaged with me on their pursuits and my pool extraction interests as depicted by the PVT, Sector Rotation and SCT.

    I'm shutting down my membership in ET now.
  8. Pekelo


    I think the title of this thread is misspelled. The correct word in RUNNING!! :)
  9. Tums


    the correct word is RUINING.
  10. Pekelo


    OK, I will spell out the irony for idiots' sake:

    It looks like Timmay is actually RUNNING this site, although he is just a sponsor here. GOT IT?????
    #10     Oct 5, 2007