Baron - The Time Has Come For This Site To Ban The "zionist" Threadmongers

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  1. For heaven's sake, how long is this place going to tolerate WAEL and the herd of Zionist news article posters?????

    Is this place turning into Al Jazeera?

    There is a big difference between expressing political or religious views, and turning this forum into a constant banging of drums about how the poor Muslim world is suffering at the hands of Israel and the US. The reality is, that many dozens a day are dying at the hands of islamic suicide bombers. At least 37 just the other day, in Pakistan.

    It is neither amusing nor appreciated. I am by no means Jewish, but this is getting ridiculous.

    The US and state govt has particular laws about Hate crimes and messages. Numerous complaints about this have been posted and ignored. It is likely that this makes ET a plaintiff if someone decides they are being targeted and sue.

  2. The site is quickly turning into a hybrid between ElectronicIntifada and StormFront, romanian nazis (Publisher/Alexis) feel free to post Hitler's and David Duke's speeches, quotes from "the Protocols" etc and get away with it, Hamas sympathizers (wael, TT2 and co) post dozens of "anti-zionist" and anti-american screeds each and every day, spect8or pollutes the forum with racial/antisemitic theories KKK would be embarrassed of and calls everyone who disagrees with him a dirty Jew...

    Somehow Baron and moderators don't see a problem with that. Personally I don't care, it's their site, we're all guests here, if they want this site to be a magnet for the Nazis, racists and Jihadists of the world and get the reputation of a hate site - more power to them.
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    This is why we have a chit chat section. I don't like some of the crap I read here, but I'm sure some don't like my crap either. Let's not run to Baron for help. If he sees something needs to be done, he will do it.
  4. Reputable (and even semi-reputable) sites ban people immediately for making racist, nazi or anti-semitic posts. Redstate does it, so does DailyKos and most other forums that try to retain a degree of respectability. It's up to Baron of course, I am not saying he should ban these posters but the scum of the planet is clearly trying to take advantage of his open-door policy and it's his reputation and the reputation of his site that's on the line.

    PS your comparison is invalid, you don't start 10 threads every day bashing an ethnicity, a country or a race, they do.
  5. i would like to include a proposal for banning doodoo also for all of his hate speech and race baiting. i am usually against censorship... but since he is calling for it.. lets give it to him.
  6. Hmm, unlike your buddies Wael, spect8or and Alexis, I post on a variety of topics, I hardly ever start new threads (maybe one new thread a week on average and it's not necessarily about Islam). Moreover while I am not hiding my dislike of Islam my criticism of the religion is very specific and virtually always based on concrete facts reported by reputable organizations like CNN, BBC etc, not, or stormfront.

    Moreover if I did not want to respond to Wael's litany of complaints and daily dose of Israel-hate the number of my posts about Islam would probably be close to zero. I am not particularly interested in this topic but I certainly don't want Israel to be demonized by all kinds of Islamofascists and ElectronicJihadists.

    In other words while I do have strong opinions I am participating in these discussions in good faith, I am not spamming this forum with thread after thread after thread of virtually identical and purely antisemitic/anti-Israel lies, propaganda and disinformation copied from the darkest, most disgusting and disreputable corners of the internet.

    See the difference "88"? Your knee-jerk defense of the nazis is once again noted.

    PS DailyKos, RedState, FreeRepublic and most other websites who care about their reputation ban conspiracy theorists :D And I did not call to ban these posters, I said that I don't really care but that IMO the reputation of this site drops every time Hitler or David Duke is quoted.
  7. actually my M.O. is to expose you and your race baiting... you seem to get off on being a "racialist."
  8. So Publisher posts that Jews drink the blood of children, dddooo posts that the charge is nonsense, and that's race-baiting??

    Do you think that something needs to be done about the following?


  9. Whoa, dont be mixing a quality forum like Chit-Chat with P&R.
  10. idiotic. no... doodoo has a long history of bashing certain "groups" because of who they are. don't read part of one thread and come on here and spew ur babble.
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