Baron, The broker rating and software review Has become Tom & Jerry action

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Nana Trader, Feb 17, 2006.

Should ET moderate Rating for brokers and softwares

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. Please review and amend them based on your sole discretion I'm slightly diabetic and causing my PB to rise everytime

    It seems everytime someone post some biased comment leads to another disgusting post and pissing contest begins
  2. FredBloggs

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    i started a thread about exactly this a few months back.

    i dont think anyone reads the feed back section though.

  3. we just had another wannabe who rated a broker without ever being a client.

    ratings never had much credibility but if this is allowed to take place the whole section is completely worthless.
  4. FredBloggs

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    look at redsky financial - wtf are they?

    all of a sudden 3 glowing reviews from out of the blue.

    i would NEVER park my money with these people if they hire such morons in their marketing dept.
  5. actulally I think redsky securities is a reputable and trustworthy broker....and....
    .....if nitrus is trading with them they have be excellent!! :p :D :eek:
  6. What works for nitro and his needs, might not be useable by other traders assuming he is an ex pro programmer.
  7. traderob


    Those reviews are by longtime ET members.
  8. it was meant to be ironic...:p
  9. nitro


    Agreed - when someone gives an opinion about something else, it not only says something about that something else, but reveals something about themselves too. All opinions have this duality to them.

    In fact Redsky I believe was originally formed as a retail offshoot of their proprietary trading arm called SpeedTrading Group. You can imagine with a name like that what that means - lots of very fast connections and lots of computers, probably doing some form of arbitrage. Hence it is no surprise that they would be friendly to programmer-traders.

    However, I am also a discretionary trader and I use the ol' mouse and click and that works great with them too at Redsky :D

    BTW, IB is very similar in many ways (think Hull Trading) and so is ThinkOrSwim, to Redsky - started by traders and expanded to retail arm.

  10. Baron

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    I checked out the recent ratings and saw one pointless review about redsky, which I deleted. But I don't see a rampant problem by any means. If there are other problems, please send me a link and I'll check it out.
    #10     Feb 20, 2006