Baron Thank you for ET

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  1. Baron,

    I guess you have developed this site years ago in the hopes of getting sponsors and making money.

    But I think that all the hours that you have devoted and the team that you have developed reveals that you offer ET for higher aspirations. I wear my Elitetrader T-shirt proudly and I hope to meet you at the shows personally wearing it.

    Could it be that you like trading? That you like Traders and want to support them? That you like the trading world? That you are a trader yourself?

    Maybe over the years you have felt the challenge...fought to survive and let your passion guide you...

    I want to tell you that you have helped another human being with your website we call Elitetrader. Your creation has become a part of my life and has effected it positively. I thank you for this.

    Good Trading to you and the community, that is the leader in Internet Forums known as Elite Trader. No one can even come close.

    Michael B.
  2. Baron is having trouble walking with your nose so far up his a$$.

  3. Thanks kg...


  4. ;d;d;d
  5. What does this mean? Is it short hand?

  6. What the heck...can't anybody voice a complement in feedback? Does anybody thank Baron...ever?
  7. Banjo


    Nobody likes anybody that started from scratch and created success out of their own vision and hard work. It's the first unspoken rule of the unsuccessful. Besides, Baron needs a haircut and some decent clothes. :D
  8. mxjones


    Only when they are really drunk.
  9. The only thing I am drunk appreciation...have you tried the other Forums out there?...they do not compare to ET, regardless of the posts here in this thread...

  10. mxjones


    I think you are drunk on love!!!

    Brokeback style!!!

    Just kidding - it's the weekend. Let's all have a good laugh.
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