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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by rcanfiel, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Baron

    Could we add another category at top? We already have Brokers, Software, Books. I would like to add something called "Systems" or "Trading Systems."

    Given the recent thread about FalconDayTraders, and the fact he seems to be a ripoff artist...

    Here are a starting set of heavy advertisers or well known systems:
    Todd Mitchell (
    Ken Roberts

    Some systems are already tracked by FuturesTruth or others, and don't really need it as much. But others evade any kind of tracking...

    (anyone who regularly advertises in TASC, Futures, SFO, Active Trader, etc.)
  2. Lucrum


    I'm not going to lose any sleep over this one way or another but sometimes I wonder if we don't have too many forums already. It's already fairly common for members to start threads in forums that are inappropriate for the topic. Seems to me more forums will only make this situation worse. I'm thinking instead of a new forum maybe just add this topic to the description of an already existing forum such as "Educational Resources" for example. In fact there are half a dozen forums already that have lower than normal utilization. "Trading Software",
    "Backup and Security" and "Hardware" could easily be combined into a single all inclusive forum. Another group that comes to mind are the "Energy", "Metal", and Ag's forums which could also just a easily be accommodated with a single "Commodities" forum.
    Again I'm just thinking out loud and if Baron needs the additional forums to accommodate additional sponsors then of course by all means he should.
  3. Not a Forum. A new category to Join those at the top: Home, Forums, Brokers, Software, Books, etc... IT would mimic brokers, books and software, where people could rate and comment on each trading system.
  4. Lucrum


    My mistake, I misread your post.
  5. Here are some more heavy advertisers:

    Liberty Trading (
  6. geox


    Good idea but it won't be helpful and here's why. There is a mindset amongst traders, particularly those who have spent a long time struggling, to believe that all services like the ones who mentioned are operated by thieves and have no value. And, unfortunately, some of them are like that. So, their logic goes something like this: I once tried a service and it didn't work for me, so therefore all services are scams. So what you end up with is a place where the miserable bashers who have no direct experience with the services shit on them like a colonoscopy prep.

    Moreover, anyone who comes out and says anything positive about them from first hand experience is attacked by the bashers as a shill, spammer, child molester, you name it, which naturally discourages those who can ad real value to the discussion. Why bother voicing your opinion if you know you going to get drowned out by the opposition? Inevitably, emotions start to run high and the debate turns into a testosterone, mud-wrestling contest.

    I speak from experience.
  7. This is not forum format. It is like above, books, software, and brokers, where people rate each and give their point of view. More info is better than less.
  8. jdkgroup


    Youre very correct...I am a newbie trying to learn from reading these threads, and there is so much bashing I cant make heads or tails of who is who & what is what.....
  9. Tums


    I would suggest ET to create a category called POLLs, and stick it in the very bottom of the page.