BARON: make em pay!!

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Is the "urgent message" thread just a free promotion for an expensive pay service?

  1. obviously yes

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  2. no

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    baron, this entire trading thread is a promotion of a $195 a month pay service. Do you want this service to get endless free publicity on ET? Well, rennick and ivanovich are making sure it does.

    And at $195 a month, this is a rip-off that makes puretick look like BnB.

  2. Fuck off.
  3. Baron, please take a serious look at this. I know ivanovich is dying to delete this thread, that's why I put it in feedback.

    Something is wrong when rennick is so hell bent on keeping this advertisement in the "trading" section. While ivanovich makes up baloney excuses like:
    also to keep the promotion in the "trading" section. Everyone knows there is never any discussion of "trading" or specific stocks in this promotional thread like ivanovich says. It's just endless promotion for a $195 pay service. And rennick went nuts this week and tried to put forth that the "ball" was 8 wins and 2 losses, even though that was NOT the case. Shameless promotion if you ask me! Please make em pay!

    Baron, you make all other advertisers pay, don't get hoodwinked here!

    Have a great weekend!
  4. [​IMG]

    The is a great website offering a service for traders. Rennick is simply demonstrating how the site works. I highly suggest getting subscription to the site.
  5. What's up with ET these past few months.

    In the past when a fee-based website was being promoted by the same person...

    The vendor bashers would show up and moderators would delete links along with telling those posting the links to stop.

    Posting a link once or twice by a happy user is ok but multiple times by the same person or few shouldn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what's going on... (a.k.a.

    Maybe Baron found a second job and no longer needs the sponsor fees. :D

  6. Port do not post unsponsored links.. only warning.

  7. I did it as a joke.

    Magna had previously closed the rennick thread in the journal section because it was advertising the website. Then Rennick moved the thread away from Magna in the trading section and he is still pumping the site.

  8. Here is evidence where Rennick is pumping the website on ET through the urgent message thread:

  9. Here is the next thread where Rennick is being abusive and threatening other posters because they refuse to use his site.

  10. Finally, here is where Magna is forced to step in after Rennick threatened posters because they were not using his website. Rennick was also using 10 or more aliases on ET to pump the site by asking questions about his calls and posing counter-points.

    Do I need to provide anymore evidence or proof that Rennick is pumping the site on ET?

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