Baron, let's address this "edit" thing please!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by rubberbird, Jan 19, 2006.

How long should an "edit" be allowed?

  1. only 10 minutes, like it is now

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  2. 30 minutes sounds like a fair compromise

    5 vote(s)
  3. more than 30 minutes please!!

    17 vote(s)
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  1. Still waiting for feedback...........................
  2. hmmm...
    I now need to create multiple aliases to vote for more than 30min

    :p :p
  3. The time allotted to make an edit is not the issue I think.

    Just a simple script that says the post was in fact edited would suffice.

    As far as someone changing their "entry" price after the fact, only hurts the author of the post. Believing things people say on message boards in the first place is, well, not so smart.
  4. good idea sulong
  5. why would anyone speak their mind here?

    I did, and my post on this thread was immediately deleted.

    The deleted post contained nothing that violated the TOS.

    I hate censorship. This site sucks.
  6. I thought u deleted it.

    Oh well, happened to me some time ago when I posted that ET was reduced to recruit scammers in order to stay alive (the fella with the es system trying to rob 1000s a month for offering a series of losing trades)...he was a sponsor here.
  7. dav10


    he was a sponsor here.

    They dont last long if there full of shit ,A trader who makes $$ will soon squeez the bullshit out , He has gone because he could fool no-more....
  8. Still, I find it unacceptable that ET put his own members at risk of being defrauded by backing an old time scammer who failed already on his previous robbery attempt right here on ET.

    That move amazed me.
  9. :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek: URGENT :eek:

    Please, restore the 1 hour time-limit on changing posts. Keeping a 10 min period will only dramatically increase the level of nuttiness of many posts.

    #10     Jan 21, 2006
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