Baron - Is Zionist Fascism a fun joke for you and ET?

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Is it kosher to post similar hate to that posted by Bruto?

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  1. No it is not! what applies to bruto does not apply to anyone else.

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  2. Yes it is! It is free speech

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  3. No it is not. Hate propoganda is hate propoganda!

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  4. There is a big difference between hate directed against Arabs and Muslims and that that is directed

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  1. As I have mentioned previously, Google WILL index every page here on ET. I just can't fully grasp why you would allow a certain individual to continually post vile hatred against Arabs, Muslims and Islam. It is not one or two posts, but many post.

    This has nothing to do about free speech. You are a private owner of a website that CAN choose to not allow or tolerate such blatant postings.

    I'm very curious as to what your current ET sponsors think of being a paid advertising customer on a stock trading website that has multiple pages for promoting Zionism and hate toward Arabs Muslims and Islam? You know, like were there is posted a complete graphical web page from his own personal website?

    Have fun when other fringe groups join with rabid open posting throughout ET. They can post with impunity and be the growing cancer for ET.

    Below, are some of the quotes made by that individual on this forum;

    Oh, the example has been set...they are coming...
    Is there a Cliff Notes version available of your 14,000 word post?
    My only goal in life is to keep the Arabs happy. Please, just tell me how I can accomplish this goal.

    It is so obvious that they have been unable to do such vital and crucial maintenance for 14 years on the pipeline because they have been PC handcuffed by Muslims and Arabs, especially Sunni Arabs from Qatar. Wake up America!! Arabs and Muslims control EVERYTHING!!
    RatBoy and BSMeter, you guys are the conspiracy masters. Help me out here with more facts.

    All the Arabs must really be upset because the IAF has blown up all the Left-Handed toilet paper manufacturing plants within a 100 mile radius of Beirut. Nothing spurns complete Jihad to all the Infidels more than when this happens. Except, maybe, a few published cartoons

    And look what our friend Bruto promoted as the best thread of the year!

    Yes, we should just all be more tolerant of a society and religion that just has a small "issue" concerning "lies and lying."
    Silly little indoctrinated kids. Silly people. Who can blame them? It is just their "culture."
    Sorry if that "culture" gets you killed by a bomber. Or killed in a high rise. Sorry for the police state at your local airport. Sorry for a nation that now has a national "terrorist alert/attack status" postings.
    Remember to just practice "tolerance."

    It just worked for France, right?

    And look how he viciously attacked someone who dared to differ with the image that he and other Zionists are trying to present about Arabs and Muslims;

    Welcome Roncer! Your faithfulness as a brainless follower of the leftist appeasement approach to thugs who would stop at nothing to kill you and your family, have this free membership and social standing waiting for you:
    dhim•mi - A Qur'anic term that refers to a subjugated non-Muslim person living in a society dominated by Muslims. Second-class status is confirmed by the legal system and dhimmis do not share the rights of their Muslim rulers. (ex. of use: "Hey Jimmy, if you want to be a dhimmi, then you'd better learn how to shimmy.")
    P.S. This status will only be bestowed upon you if don't manage to get blown up or beheaded first.

    Before names and identities are released in association with the planned terror attacks in the U.K., I want to reassure everyone that this will not be linked to Muslims or Islamic/Muslim organizations.
    You heard it here on ET first.
    To those around the world who are trying to travel today and who will travel sometime in the future - airplane,train,boat - remember this:
    The Religion of Peace does not do these things either on a local or worldwide level.
    I'm so confident that from all named people, that not a single one will have a name that contains "Moh*med" in it, that I have a rather large bet going on with Tr*deSp*rts to support this.
    Will send my winnings to an honorable charity in Southern Lebanon and possibly Iraq for rebuilding the blown up Mosques.
    And it is the same Zionst (Bruto), who blew a piston due to a Nazi who posts hate, who made the following post and many others;
    There is no shame involved in insulting or denigrating other cultures for Muslims. Therefore such insults are acceptable. That is why there is a disconnect between the disgusting cartoons that are incredibly offensive to Jews and Christians and/or the West (see here), yet at the same time, they angrily DEMAND on threat of violence that even the most mildly offensive cartoons (i.e., the Danish ones here) be immediately repudiated."
    The "Religion of Peace" is so awesome about spreading joy and peace to so many nations and countries.
    There are 1.48 billion reasons why that no Muslim is ever, ever out of control following their "Religion of Peace."
    And finally, the guy who blatantly threatened you is the same one who thanked another Zionist who happened to support an Israeli group considered to be a terrorist one according to United States laws as in the example below;
    Thank you fro the most recent posts SunnySkies.
    I will be more than happy to provides you with quotes made by this Zionist and his defense of Palestinian civilian mass killing and raciest remarks.
  2. The hippocracy of some of those supporting the recent banning of Publisher is plain to see.

    Unfortunately, you will be met by the inevitable argument in these situations: "it's not the same thing" or "it's different". Thus, double standards are a part of life.

    In addition, I sense there is some pre-existing animosity towards the messenger (you) and hence your message, rightly or wrongly will not be heard or will be deconstructed on the basis of your history with other ET members.
  3. Dearest Wael,

    So glad to see that your NGO position in Gaza has keep you safe and sound.

    If you can see clearly and think clearly for more than two seconds in your life while bullets fly outside, "kill the Jews" is blared in the latest street protest in your window and waves of raw sewage pass down the street - know and understand one thing. I did not ban anyone on ET. You need to discuss this directly with Baron as it was a decision made by him and his delete key on his keyboard.

    As always looking forward to sending flowers,

  4. Sirtatocar

    Sirtatocar Guest

    Who kills who?

    118 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 926 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. (View Source)

    Russian Zionists, particulary the Khazarian ones, tend to twist quite a bit...
  5. "I did not ban anyone on ET."

    No you did not ban him, but you played the ET politics game to try to get the job done...

  6. Standing in the face of the mightiest intimidators this humanity ever witnessed has its consequences.
    At the end of the day, the truth has to be told no matter how pist Fascist zionists get.
  7. blooto is the biggest cry baby on ET... wait.. no maybe it is traderniiku or horoshi... wow.. lotta cry babies... all for censorship.
  8. welcome back... where are you right now?
  9. Thanks Ratboy...I am in toronto now.
  10. Oy vei, look who's back. Did the treatement work? Hmm it does not look like it did. :D Just kidding Wael, welcome back.

    For the record ET participants who are trying to hijack this site, turn this site into Zionist (or any other ) propaganda, those who spew hatred against other groups on a daily basis, those who start dozens of anti-arab/muslim/blacks/hindu... threads every single day, those members should also be immediately banned.

    Of course that does not apply to those who participate in good faith in political and religious discussions and merely express their point of view.

    But I don't see dozens of new pro-Israel or anti-muslim threads started daily, what am I missing. Besides it's quite normal to be pro-something, like pro-Palestine or pro-Israel. It's not a bannable offense. It's much worse to be anti-someone, like anti-Semit, racist or islamophobe.
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