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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by js1257, Sep 16, 2002.

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    There are a lot of members and posters on this board. Some of the posters post something that is relevant ,and some do not.But I have noticed that a lot of the posters have nothing more or better to say than to give a lot of shit. Your mods don't intervene until its too late.. Yes there are posters that are pushing sites and trash... Why don't your moderators get rid of all the trash?
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    I do not read every post and neither do the moderators. The only way things stay clean is if the members report inappropriate posts. If you feel a certain post is trash, click on the word "kill" at the lower righthand corner of the post to report it to a moderator so he/she can delete or edit it.

    And if you feel there are certain posters who consistently post nothing but bs, please let me know who they are via pm or email.


    The previous thread in this forum was criticizing us for being too restrictive, and you're saying that we aren't strict enough. It's very hard to please everyone.
  3. i'm wondering what happens to the other person when you press the 'kill' button....I don't dare try it. I mean, it's a bit extreme. Maybe you should just have a 'maim' button. :p
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    chas you are 1 more closer to don
  5. Baron,

    I think you guys are being too restrictive and overdoing the thread and posts deletions. I have seen a number go away that I have no idea what the problem with them was. If someone doesn't like a thread, a post or a poster, who is forcing them to read it.

    I can't believe that thread going on about religion; however I don't have to read it.

  6. I just tried to "kill" Baron's post...wonder if it will work?

    I never met a good trader that didn't have a good sense of humor about the world, and himself too.
  7. i dont agree.lets keep elite quality standards up.please dont let this thread turn into another cesspool like yhoo.
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    This board used to and still does have quality posters. It is just that it has become over run with smart asses and posters that think it is funny to post something that is totally off topic and stupid.
  9. Seems like message boards are like markets. They run in cycles.

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