Baron is Short-Sighted

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thug_Life, Apr 11, 2002.

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  1. Hitman


    Because Don Bright is advertising on this board and he cries to mommy all the times.

    Because the kind of rate ET charges is IMHO absurd for a site of this quality, and our owner is not willing to waste his money here advertising. If you are ACTUALLY providing capital and eating losses for newbies, you don't need to advertise as much as a firm that asks for 25K up front.

    Hence Baron is providing a happy middle ground by having guys PMing me instead of getting in Donnie's face all the times, I am cool with that approach.
    #11     Apr 11, 2002
  2. Man, I still don't get this whole "freedom of speech", anybody should can post anything rant that keeps popping up.

    Just seems like some people are real good about telling others how to run their business and demanding unrestricted right to post anything they want as long as it doesn't cost THEM anything.

    Are these same folks protesting the networks and demanding free air time to allow anyone and his brother to put up commercials or personal statements for free.

    How about protesting the billboard companies and demanding they let anyone post anything they want on their billboards.

    Freedom of speech is a right that can be exercised in public but doesn't extend to private forums. As with any service, if you don't like how it's run, don't use it anymore.

    And as far as Hitman's journal making Baron money - personally, it seems doubtful that he's making incrementally more than it even costs to store those posts. And besides, Baron already said that ET doesn't make money directly from page views.

    Baron runs and provides everyone a great service. Why is it so hard to let him run his business the way he wants to?
    #12     Apr 11, 2002
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    You don't deserve an answer. All you want is some more fuel to keep this futile conversation going. You're not gonna get it though. At least not from me.
    #13     Apr 11, 2002
  4. In my opinion, the quality of this site is better than anything else out there.
    #14     Apr 11, 2002
  5. Banjo


    agree, the breadth of real hard core info available here upon request is awesome.
    #15     Apr 11, 2002
  6. <i>Why is it so hard to let him run his business the way he wants to?</i>

    He will, and he does.

    Believe it or not (and no one will, fine) I actually do believe that it is in his best interest not to have such an itchy trigger finger for the delete key. Maybe it's because I'm "stupid" and "an idiot with nothing better to do," but I do not understand how Baron is harmed by an "off-topic" (what a euphemism) post.

    And the forum is called "feedback," you know.
    #16     Apr 11, 2002
  7. Brutus


    Threads like this one are what ruin the quality of elite trader ....
    #17     Apr 11, 2002
  8. <i>Please answer the question</i>
    It was an honest question. I'll just keep asking.
    #18     Apr 11, 2002
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