Baron is Short-Sighted

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thug_Life, Apr 11, 2002.

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  1. <i>From now on, all posts that are directed to Hitman regarding the specifics of Worldco will be considered off-topic and therefore deleted. If you have questions about Worldco, please use Worldco's own web site, call them directly, or send Hitman a private message. Thanks.

    In an effort to keep this thread on topic, please start a new thread in the Feedback forum</i>

    Baron, I guess you want money from Worldco.

    Have you ever considered what Hitman is doing for YOU and YOUR web site? He is a successful trader posting a daily trading journal and answering questions - providing quality content for your site and drawing visitors.

    Maybe it is you who should be paying him. You are blinded by your lust for Terranova's ad money.
  2. Sanjuro



    This thread should be deleted because you're stupid.

    It does not matter if Hitman's Journal attracts an audience.
    The thread was just for Hitman's journal and to discuss his
    trades. The thread was not meant for him to recruit people
    for Worldco. That would be off-topic and that is what Baron
    is trying to say.
  3. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Thug, I honestly don't see what's so horrible and "short-sighted" about that? :confused:
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I couldn't have said it better myself.
  5. It is Baron's party; give him a break.
  6. Thank you for being so diplomatic.

    Hitman is drawing visitors to ET, making Baron money. Why does Baron need to be bitchy about plugging Worldco? Why does he care, as long as he gets free content and visitors?
  7. Banjo


    Thug, it's a business, can't see why people get so bent about capitalism. All you have to do to correct this travesty is start your own site and invest more than your opinions. Maybe Hitman will stop by with no overhead shovel some money into Worldco's pockets.
  8. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Your "Anti - Elite Trader" soapbox was tolerable at first, but now it's getting old. You've cried this same old speech so many times that everybody now thinks you're an idiot with nothing else better to do than criticize how this site runs. If you don't like it, leave.
  9. What empirical evidence do you have to support your claim that Hitman's journals draw new people (visitors) to Elite Trader? Just because the thread has a lot of views doesn't mean that the same people aren't checking in on it over and over, especially since each thread runs for a month.

    There is no free content. It is all paid for by advertisers. This means that any content that is of an advertising nature that isn't paid for by advertisers is SPAM.
  10. So touchy. Judge me as you wish. I'm not calling you names.

    My original point was that I feel it is in your best interest to not bitch about "off-topic" Worldco posts. You are being given good content at no charge to you. Worldco does not even compete with Terranova. What is the problem?

    Please answer the question.
    #10     Apr 11, 2002
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