Baron - Is Nazism a fun joke for you and ET?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bruto Blukowski, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. As I have mentioned previously, Google WILL index every page here on ET. I just can't fully grasp why you would allow a certain individual to continually post vile hatred and Nazism. It is not one or two posts, but every post with numerous aliases.

    This has nothing to do about free speech. You are a private owner of a website that CAN choose to not allow or tolerate such blatant postings.

    I'm very curious as to what your current ET sponsors think of being a paid advertising customer on a stock trading website that has multiple pages for promoting Nazism? You know, like were there is posted a complete graphical web page from his own personal website?

    Have fun when other fringe groups join with rabid open posting throughout ET. They can post with impunity and be the growing cancer for ET.

    Oh, the example has been set...they are coming...
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    The market will take care of itself. The majority of ET members recognize the right to be wrong.

    Do you think he's actually recruiting ET membership? Wearing a white hood while trading must be a bitch, especially w/multiple windows up, those small eyeholes, you'd think it'd be a problem.

    You're ranting against a joke. Defending Hitler, for chrissake? He's a parody of himself.

    Far more disturbing, not from a censorship pov, but considering the social makeup of traders, are the racist, homophobic, misogynistic threads that go unchallenged here.

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    The person you're complaining about was banned well before you even started this thread, so it's all water under the bridge at this point.
  4. Really????

    How do explain this thread from the same person - under, guess what? - another alias!

    Great to see that he can post complete pages from websites.

    And just what would the topic be about?
  5. man


    i guess mister truth has another machine and it will
    take a while to ban all his IP adresses. several threads
    were already deleted.
  6. The fact is that this is a view shared by some. I believe the truth lies somewhere far shy of the middle. Even if that widely accepted 6 million number were say 6000, it was still just as horrible. The conventional wisdom story of what happened was written by the jews. The defeated Germans who had been humiliated in a world war they started had to shut up and humbly accept whatever was written about them. After the war was over they had to pay repurations to surviving family members for every one they were accused of killing. The traditional Jewish family was small, but after the Krauts started cutting checks long lost aunts, uncles, and cousins came out of the woodwork in droves. I'm surprised that 6 million wasn't alot higher. There's a bible story that says the jews wandered the desert for 40 years. A modern joke says it was because someone dropped a quarter. Don't get me wrong, I believe a holocaust occured, it's the magnitude of it I have serious doubts about. The actual number is something only the good lord knows. Whether it was 6 or 6 million, it was too many. Back to my reason for this post, ET is a great place because free speech is allowed. Please don't start banning dissenting views, or the spirit of this place will be another casualty of the Holocaust.

    Rennick Rosenberg out:(
  7. Especially skinhead Nazi's...

    Maybe we should give them their own forum to make them more
    comfortable. And have a swastika as their own icon.

    Heck, we could call it the Hitler forum!...:eek:
  8. i've always said the politics forum will eventually be the demise of ET. not far is the day when some article in some financial website will review ET and add a few comments about what's going on in the politics forum.

    i'm also curious about why Baron compromises his business and its reputation, just so to allow people to get wild with hatred in his website's forum.


  9. man


    this is really a good idea. just imagine the names of the different
    sections, and the names of the different sponsors and all those
    exciting book descriptions, and the concentration camp rankings
    and the section for the youth, the newbie nazi. the place where
    the real nazi finds all he ever dreamed of. boots and iron crosses,
    with or without blood on it. and all the sciene. physics for nazis,
    movie guides, travelling routes. and imagine a partnersearch
    section! pure arian blond sturmbannführer looks for racial equivalent.
    and then history for arians. from cesar to adolf the brave as it
    really was, not the jewish version. lord, paradise ...
  10. I don't have the power to ban anyone. It is up to a private business owner that has full control of what he/she wants to do and have maintained on a website that will be fully indexed by Google.

    If I was an advertiser on ET, do you think I might be a little concerned to find full page websites promoting Nazism and skinhead trash?

    I'm sorry that you can't fully grasp the feeble number of Jews killed at the hands of the Nazi's and the Holocaust. Maybe you don't remember much because you were absent with an illness or just plainly staring out the window at the BlueBird of Happy News during your history class concerning WW2?

    The total estimated human loss of life caused by World War II, irrespective of political alignment, was roughly 72 million people. The civilian toll was around 46 million, the military toll about 26 million.
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