Baron how about this...??

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  1. Right now anyone can register with an email address

    Problem is they can register with an email address such as

    and so forth that requires no verification. This is causing quite a # of posts to go downhill.

    How about if someone registers with such an email address additional verification is needed. Ebay wants a credit card

    any others have feedback here?

    Robert Tharp
  2. I agree that such steps prevent abuse to some extent. However, I for one am not a fan of such measures. It seems like every time I'm forced to use a non-hotmail-type address I get bombarded with spam. I recently ordered some IITM products and they saw fit to send me some "additional" unsolicited info. Naturally it was no problem unsubscribe and I expect that they will keep my personal info private. Unfortunately there are many retailers and subscription type organizations that aren't as accommodating. Also, I take issue with the fact that I have to unsubscribe from mailing lists in order to avoid getting bombarded with crap.

    Personally, I'd like to see an internet that is making greater strides to protect individuals from advertisers. So with that in mind, I'd have to say: "Don't do it Baron!"
  3. I agree, something like that would improve this board tremendously.
  4. How about a litterasy and IQ eggsam to skreen out the undezirabolls.

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    LOL 777 :D
  6. No way, too much effort, and too much liability on the part of ET - if you require such registration, you imply that

    1)ET takes responsibility for what posters say;

    2)ET has a paper trail of its posters, imparting more liability on the parts of both ET and its posters;

    Plus such things potentially increase ET's operating costs, necessitating more sponsors and thus reducing the amount of control the moderators and Baron have over the site.

    I think a better soln is to make it more like survivor, where elite members (or even senior members) can vote a member off the board under certain circumstances.

    Of course, what Baron did today is most likely more than adequate, IMHO.
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    Because if you ask for additional info most people would not register.....there is over 13k members; of those 13k how many would u say post??? 500-1000 ( just guessing ).......If you dont post why would you give additional info??? (IMO)...that would cut the membership by way more than half (just guessing again)...I don't think your buddy Mr.Bright would like that.....
  8. The problem is when someone gets booted all they have to do is create another name and start all over again
  9. You dont need a user name to just view threads and posts.
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    I edited that part....i meant to say membership instead of viewing audience..sorry...what i am trying to say is there are members that dont post but still register....
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