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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bundlemaker, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. You ban(?) Jack, and you close the stochastics thread? Why both? No logic exists here.

    You leave wanabe, loser traders to do whatever they want and you can't handle someone like Jack. YOu are totally out of control.
  2. what does that have to do with Baron? :-/
  3. dawg


    this whole ongoing soap opera is a sad example of what is wrong at et. if you don't want to listen to the guy...fine...put him on ignore...and leave the thread where people actually want to talk to the guy alone. you people are a bunch of children and deserve to lose your money which i am sure you will.
  4. There were too many people complaining about Jack and his methods..

    He detracted too much attention. He made his point over and over for 300 pages on an ET thread.. and the polls showed that most people dont understand what he is talking about.

    When you critique his methods strongly.. he replies with profanity and insults those whom never understood what he talking about.

    Except for a few of his lemmings the reality is that he makes absolutely no sense to the ET members. Why should someone be allowed to come here on ET where a lot of pro traders hang out.. and ramble thousands of posts when none of the pro traders understand what he talking about?

    ET is not a democracy... Baron can do whatever he wants and I think as long as Hershey is gone.. things will get back to normal.

  5. He has everything to do with it: he allows what happens to happen. He chooses the "moderators".
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    that is why there is an ignore function. but you would rather just shout someone are a class act.
  7. Its more than that... he is drawing too much attention. He is being treated as a cult icon. He had 3 or 4 forums running at once... He posts non sense on other interesting threads and trys to derail them with his Hershey ways.

    The majority of the members on ET do not want anyone here to run a cult.

  8. You truly are an expert at ungrounded assessments, aren't you?
  9. Mike:

    Give me a break....Jack was getting tortured worse then Mr Market...heck, i gave jack a lot of flak at first but although he was hard reading, he wasn't bothering anyone else.....I don't get it....this sends a very poor message.....So, if me and candle and Bung and a bunch of others jump onto "DON"S OPENING" and start complaining and bashing Don, does this mean Don get's banned????? Im still scratching on this one BUT....i will give Baron the benefit of the doubt and assume that either a) jack was pissing baron off or b) there was some serious stuff said that was not seen by us.
  10. I have to chime in.

    There have been historically FAR WORSE offenders here on ET,
    and yet they were left alone to abuse others.

    Jack comes on here, and yes he is very difficult to understand,
    catches a TON OF FLACK from people, gets constantly attacked,
    and when he counter attacks, with understandable frustration,
    he gets banned.

    The application of "law" here on ET, is very unfair
    and unbalanced it seems.

    Jacks last equity thread was finally getting somewhere.
    People were working with him well to decipher what he
    is trying to say. Several people jump on broad and sling
    CRAP around and attempt to derail the thread.

    Then JACK gets banned.

    Just shaking my head.


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