Baron ,give Steve 46 time out

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Walther, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Baron,
    I think it is time that Steve 46 is given time out again. He has disrupted my threads and manufactured lies that I was sending him foul language pm's. You know that this is not the truth and I believe that deliberate lying about somebody is against ET policy.

    Steve46 feel that he is untouchable as he has a support of some moderators. Make him to stop ,public apology would be nice. I told him that I was not WALTERJ who send him those pm, but he keeps spreading lies.
    Therefore he is deliberately manufacturing those PM just to justify his lies . This should be stopped.
  2. I vote that we retain Steve46 and give Walther the pink slip.
  3. That says a lot about you. Steve 46 manufactured lies about me . What did I do wrong ?
    Who are " we " ? You mean" we" as all Steve aliases( supporters )
  4. I say you take away his birthday as well.
    If that don't work, tell em the truth about santa.
  5. Hey man, don't say nothin 'bout Santa!
  6. woody008


    I vote for Walther to stay because he has 1700 posts to only 1300 for Steve.

    Frequency of posts RULE! Ignore content. Walther wins. Bush only needed a few hundred votes in Florida. Walther has 400 more.
  7. Hey Samson, How's it going?

    Did you know that the thread titled "steve46" now has over
    3,557 page views? Pretty soon almost 10% of the people here will have read about you.

    I am guessing we will get to 4,000 this weekend.

    Keep em comming.

  8. Steve46 whats up with you?........ why you always attacking Samson77?

    He seems like a straight up fella to me. Plus he helps others. :confused:
  9. Hey LD:

    Have you read the Steve46 thread? Do you understand the content of the thread. In it, several posters talk about how Samson approached them to "refer" his mentor to them. Then they were asked to buy a system that was stolen from Linda Raschke for $6,000. I bought that same info for than 10 years ago for $695!!! Are you gettting it?

    Thats why.

    In addition, if you read the last posts you will read one by "tax" who is an ET member. He indicates that Samson offered to help him with an advisory, but his picks were worthless. Then he abandoned him saying he didn't have time for him. Are you following?

    Do you see a pattern here.

    I hope you will review the thread and protect your own interests.

    The posts were from a variety of ET members many of whom had the same or similar bad experience with Samson.

    Here is the thread reference so you can read and decide for yourself.

    Notice that there are 3,644 page views (traders who have read the thead).

    I certainly wish you well. We may not all agree, but at least you will be able to make an informed decision.

  10. woody008


    Although I don't like Samson, you are just as big a liar and bs artist as he is!

    What are you jealous that he figured out how to actually make some money while you struggle from one failure to another all the while posting here what a "professional" you are. The reality is you are worse than he is if that's possible.

    He at least attempted to explain his side of this controversy.

    You never explain all your inconsistancies like your dual personality LEFTY.

    Like your job as an engineer when you're supposed to be a "professional" trader with all that implies.

    Like your managing a "hedge fund" which you later admitted was just family giving the black sheep money to invest (everyone else is a successful lawyer while you're an unemployeed engineer seeking consulting work).

    Like having a mentor teach you how to trade when you were much younger yet you search constantly on this forum (of all places) for ways to become successful. The last was adopting the divergence method "anyone using my method" which is so obviously flawed it flat out proves you have no idea how to trade.

    Not to mention the fact you have jumped from one failed market to the next. Now you are attempting to trade the ER with 3 contracts. Is that what a "professional" would be doing or a losing "retail" trader more likely to do?

    You talked about your office where you and the imaginary LEFTY traded even down to the details about who had the better trading station. Now we know that was all lies as well. You don't even have or never did have an "office."

    I'M SORRY YOU AREN'T SUCCESSFUL but most people lose money. Stop trying to cover up your inadequacies by constantly badgering the people you deem not worthy to post.

    Well PIVOT BOY, are you going to "share" your knowledge BEFORE the markets open tomorrow or just keep putting up charts to lecture after the fact as usual? I already KNOW the answer to that question. Even Samson posted some trades in real time! What then does that make you? Last time you attempted to post in real time against a "faker" you were trying to expose kicked your a$$. Even you admitted it and ran away like a little girl. NOTHING from you since! Are you afraid? Not good in trading.
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