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  1. what was the deal with your moderators first deleting several messages, then taking entire threads and tossing them in chit chat....Going forward, Is it one or the other, Also why do you allow moderators have personal attacks with guys like ego.
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    The moderators deleted some messages, and then later on when it became absurd, I put the threads in the chit chat forum myself. There are no hard and fast rules here. The moderators do what they feel is necessary at the time, and I stand behind what they do 100%, but that doesn't mean I won't take additional action if necessary.
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    your action did nothing but drive away ppl like ego who happens to have something to share with us.
  4. rs7


    Do you really believe SE is gone? Get a grip! Only the name, and I bet that returns shortly too!
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    Well sometimes he just got too excited to be careful!
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    tried sending you a pm (your inbox is full, please erase something!) thanks
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    I dont know what was so bad about the SE thread. In between people attacking him SE did post his methodology( he was a bit rough too). If one person could absorb and use it then thats great.

    I dont know why it qualified as chit chat, maybe someone should look at the 110 pages of " the market has bottomed, the trend is up". I wish the market would rally for that poor guy.:(
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    Done...emptied except for one special one!
  10. thanks, by the way, your name fits your position perfectly...
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