Baron, easyguru is one lousy moderator

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Walther, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Easyguru closed my tread and when I asked him why his answer was," people were complaining that there is too many GOOGLE treads, so I closed most of them. "

    Thuth is that he only closed my tread, which was BTW only one in ALL media which correctly recognized significant reversal level. My guess is that personal bias and urging of his loser friends was tdhe only reason why he closed my tread.
  2. There were over 20 threads on GOOG that day some with just one word like Wow, EOM, short short short, I told you idiots. Some members complained that there were too many GOOG threads. So I deleted most and redirected posters to the existing threads. Some were closed with comment to post in existing thread. Which was the case in his thread.

    This guy sent me an email with personal insults, insinuation, and threat but I went through his thread and opened it after looking at the content.
  3. ktm


    From reading his post, it would seem he would only send you a treat, not a threat... and that's the thuth.
  4. Choad


  5. Thuth and nothing but the thuth.
    English is a bitch ( sometimes ). LOL
  6. BSAM


    I got some pretty good tread on my vehicle. Hope this helps.
  7. BSAM


    Damn, it's getting dangerous around here. I never log into ET without first putting on my bulletproof vest.

    funnnnnnnnnnnnnny bsam!
  9. You are a lying crybaby. Post my pm here for everyone to see, you just scare too easily, girl.
  10. Its really too bad

    I missed the post. I know that Wally has been trying to forecast reversals for, long as I can remember, and with very disappointing results...So to hear that he got it right this one time just makes me sad that I missed it. Why didn't someone call the local papers or news stations?

    Seriously, I think the mods have a tough job. Made tougher because they have to deal with fragile egos. Wally here is just an old fart living in rest home or a trailer park and apparently he has a real need for attention. Easyguru does the best job he can, and lo and behold, this silly old wussy is offended. "removed MY post, MY post....!!!! Yawn.....I think the nurse is here with your enema Wally.

    Frankly I am glad Easyguru is there to do the job. I wouldn't want to do it. Good for him.

    Take a sedative Wally.


    By the way, for what its worth, Wally here excels at sending vicious PMs to people he doesn't like. They tend to be full of expletives and (alternatively) boasting about his fantasy girlfriend who (he says) looks like Ashley Simpson. :D Since Wally doesn't seem to mind if they are posted I may do just that with one of my favorites. How about it Wally?
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