Baron, are the moderators too overzealous?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderJimR, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Baron,

    Just curious who decides which threads should be edited? It seems that lately it has been happening a lot more, I notice mostly in the professional trading and self-employment forums as I read that most often.

    The first example I noticed was the thread of a post that read "Why is everyone so against Bright" changing to "Bright Trading" when Don Bright complained about the title, even though it was completely relevant to the discussion. By about the 10th page the discussion had deteriorated into other things, as they mostly all do, and that was quoted as the reason for changing it by the moderator, cartm.

    Here is another example:

    This is found here:

    On the next page another guy writes:
    I would just like to know why the moderators do not have to run thread title changes (seems like a big change to make) or the complete removal of a post by you? I have been here long enough to remember when rtharp was removed as a moderator when it was thought that he might make changes that would be pro-echo, even though I don't think there were any examples of this. It seems that at least that one change cartm made was very pro-Bright, and Don definitely appreciated it. Are there any checks and balances in place to make sure that Don cannot have him change posts at will?

    I agree that something should be done to remove misinformation, lies, blatant promotion, etc... but it seems that posts of value are being changed to suit a moderator's whim.

    I just want to bring this to your attention because I have been a longtime fan of this site and all you have done with it and for traders, and I want to make sure you are aware of all that happens now that it has become as big as it is.


  2. Baron

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    Each moderator has control over the threads in his/her forum. Decisions to edit or delete posts are made by the moderators subject to guidelines I have set forth.

    You just said the thread deteriorated into other things but yet you are wondering why the title was changed to a more generic one? If you look back just a few pages before the questions about why the thread title was changed, you'll see that the discussion was basically a Q & A session on taxes, hardly relevant to the original title of Bright negatism.

    The post from Thug_life was edited because of the personal attacks. Calling someone a deragatory name like a "troll" is unnecessary and usually only provokes a backlash from the recipient or others.

    The post from nkhoi talking about beer was probably considered to be clearly off-topic, thus the deletion. (I'm speculating on that one since I didn't see that post).

    Because there are about 400 - 500 new posts per day (and growing) being made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Things are getting moved. edited, or deleted constantly around the clock, which makes it virtually impossible for me to make a judgement on each of the major edit or deletion tasks of 12 different moderators.

    You can't have a representative of one firm being the moderator of discussion about his firm and competing firms and expect things to go smoothly. It was a conflict of interest for him, and because of that, his moderation efforts were under an unnecessary amount of scrutiny from other firms so he was removed.

    Um, the thread title change can be construed as being pro bright but the thread title was not changed for that reason because it's not in the moderator's interest to do that. Remember, the moderators are volunteers who are just regular traders like the other members here. They are not employees of Elite Trader, Bright Trading or any other sponsor on this board, so they have no reason to appease our site sponsors.

    I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts and I hope I've addressed your concerns adequately. If not, let me know.
  3. I only meant to convey that every almost post seems to deteriorate after that many pages into things way off the original topic, but none of the others have changed that I have noticed. No big deal, as long as you are aware and approve, I am happy.

    Thanks for the response, this is the number one spot for traders because of the all your hard work, and I appreciate the fact that I get to enjoy this for free. I'm sure you know this but I was not criticising at all, just making sure the top dog was giving the thumbs up to everything. Keep up the good work.