Baron and mods rock

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Steelhead, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. dealing with all the nimcompoops who spend their lives in chit chat must be tiring
  2. I've always wondered if the mods find the chit chat section really all that useful and/or beneficial to the health and growth of this website. I personally think chit chat detracts from real content, thus allowing/perpetuating meaningless conversations that have nothing to do with trading.

    I question the motives of those who come to this site solely for the purpose of provoking conservation about abortion/politics/religion etc etc... This is not a social commentary forum ---- or is it?

    Even still, it seems that fewer long term members actually post anything anymore. Between the constant newbie onslaught of "need advice, where to start?" and the bickering and ignorance from certain members I won't bother to mention, it is becoming difficult to communicate any useful information.

    I do not mean this as criticism, just a personal opinion. Lately I've found it more difficult to engage in a decent trading related conversation here.