Baron and Joe, you wanted proof against Ivanovich, here it is

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by IQ139, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. IQ139


    Read this post carefully because it can start another Ivanovich Slander WAR

    I was posting things nicely, made about 15 posts or so

    and in two of those posts I mentioned how I think Ivan is bad mod

    my user name was ETFtrader24

    Ivan deleted everything just because I wrote that I think he is a bad mod.

    Ivan won't allow criticism in a polite manner

    Baron Joe, do you want me to start IVAN WAR again, or will you tell Ivan to relax and moderate ET properly

    Look at Magna, Vikana, look at nkhoi, none of them get in trouble

    because they are not freaking NAZIS
  2. IQ139


    I welcome Ivan here too, to explain why he is so messed up in the head :D
  3. Lucrum


    And the ignore list grows by one.
  4. Stop being such a baby. Play nice and you won't have mod issues. If you can't, go find another website to play on. You may think I am a cocksucker motherfucker but I have never once had an issue with a mod here. Your problem is, you want your cake (acting however which way you choose) and eat it too. Can't work that way.

    Either behave and act semi-civil or expect the mods to get in your grill.

  5. Jasonn,

    I didn't delete your post or username. It was either Joe or Baron. I do not possess the ability to delete usernames, only posts in Trading and Forex. Joe and Baron can confirm this.

    Feel free to criticize me all you like, if that's what gets your rocks off.

  6. zdreg


    remember he is not an admitted troll but he is an admitted smoocher. be careful.

    "I didn't smooch the delete button, dreg, I smooched you!"

    of course. being multifaceted at least in his own mind he thinks he can do both.

    I forgive you Iva... you can't help it.

    anyway i don't get pleasure exchanging barbs with an one armed man. i will refrain in the future from commenting about you except to remind you to just present the facts when posting.
  7. IQ139


    I never thought I would say this but ...I believe you

    ok fine we have a truce

    hookers and blow for everybody :D :p
  8. Wait..Wait ...Wait hookers and blow for everyone?

    You sound a lot like Rearden Metal.. interesting..

    If it is you, you truly are chaos personified.

  9. IQ139


    I just wanna say I have lot of respect for you because you are a real trader, don't ask me how I know.
  10. Pssssst..Thank you, Shhhh try to keep a lid on it though.. Don't want everyone front running me. :)

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