Baron, a pay format? $100/month

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  1. Baron once again I bring up the topic of going to a pay format. Have you thought about it? Have you thought about it seriously? You can even keep the original Site, but just add a special section for paying members.

    I would have no problem paying $100/month for a special section especially if there were live calls. This minimal fee would help keep the Board clean and would probably attract a higher calibre of posters. Some lurkers have told me they dont post at all because of unwarranted flame attacks.

    Speaking for myself I only post sporadically to keep stalkers at bay.

    I mostly post on the ES Journal Thread, and Im not joking I must have about 100+ people on ignore. It must be the same set of people making up new IDs. I only follow about 3 guys there and a couple on other threads.

    So how about it?Pay Format...yes or no?
  2. Two problems:

    1) There are already a number of rooms that offer live calls that don't work. why do we need another?

    2) I highly doubt there are many people who want to pay $1200 a year just so they can post.

    All ET has to do, is channel all new aliases through a 1 cent payment via credit card, paypal, bank transfer or something else, and the 60 alias posters will disappear overnight.

    OR as alternative, people can apply only through a true IP user ID. Such as

    But Allowing free anonymous signup, or people on hotmail or yahoo free services enables spammers and multi-aliasers to continuously rotate their ID and keep signing up.
  3. see Baron, this is what I mean. Without reading their stupid posts I just stuck those two idiots who answered me here on ignore.Bye and gone forever. Thats normally how I start my time here on ET. What right do they have to meddle in our business? Have they posted a live call for the community's benefit? Do they even trade?

    I was thinking maybe the $100/month isnt enough.Maybe $200 is better. We can adjust that as we go along.

    Baron, lets say out of your 100,000 member only 20% join the expanded Pay Format. 20000 times $150/month, thats an extra 3 mil in your pocket monthly.Think about it.

    Im not suggesting anything illegal, but treat it as 'offshore income' and its tax free. Of course, I would kindly ask a one time 'finders fee' for giving you the Idea and everything but it wouldnt be much....maybe a one time payment of $75000 would be fair.We can discuss details privately.

    But anyway,I have time and time asked the 100,000 Elitetraders on this site to post a profitable live call and as of now nobody has done it.Not one. Makes you start to wonder if people here really trade. Im beginning to wonder myself.

    Heres my recent call....



    again I throw out the challenge to all ET members. Post a live call on ET for 10 ES points, 100 YM points or 25 NQ points with limited drawdown. Prove to Baron and myself you can do it.

    You dont have to post it here, just provide the links here. Baron and I are waiting eagerly.

    Cmon guys, lets see what you got.

    the 'real' blackguard
  4. Sounds like tracer is the only one who should be excluded from a premium service
  5. Baron, I got to thinking today and came to a conclusion: I am hands down the best 'dollar for dollar' trader here on ET. Thats right the Best.

    how did I arrive at this conclusion? Well, I did a search under tracer619 and regal_2012 (my former ID) and looked at my live calls in 2009.

    9 for 9 to start out the Year, going both long and short ES in a tough Market. Pretty much nailed the Bottom there in March. Telegraphed the 'March to 1000', said we are going to 1050-1100, which most likely will happen. I even had a bond trade thrown in there in March which worked out to a 'T'. Just recently made a live call for 10 points which anyone and everyone could have cleaned up on.

    All in all, off the top of my head, I think in 2009 I made about 300 ES pts, plus the bond trade. A pretty good record. I dont think there was one, not one losing call.

    and these weren't sissy daytrades, these were overnight holds for 24-48 hours.Size players would have and could have cleaned up.

    My point is Baron, doesnt this kind of performance warrant and demand a pay structure? Think about it seriously Baron. Look at it from a serious angle. Look at it from a business perspective. Think of the money at stake.

    When you are ready to discuss let me know.

  6. Wait, let me see if I can get this straight. You claim to the the BEST trader on ET and also say you'd pay $100/month for "live calls" on ET?!?!

    Me thinks the "best trader" shouldn't be even LOOKING for live calls from anyone but themselves but that's just me!


  7. You have to be delusional to think ANYONE would pay $100/month to post here.
  8. BlackGuard is an alias of an existing ET user. According to ET Terms of Service, I think this is supposed to be naughty naughty... :D
  9. :D
  10. someone asked me via PM what it means 'best dollar for dollar trader'.

    well, my trades are designed to get the most bang for the buck. No sissy 2 or 2.5 pt trades like some wannabes post is ES journal. Im talking about 10, 20, 30 or more points with hardly any drawdown.

    like this one: 28 points and no drawdown.

    as for the Market today, nothing to announce. No trades.System shows nothing.

    I will be back with a live call for my fans when 'conditions warrant'.

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