Barney Frank: What Housing Bubble?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tom B, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Tom B

    Tom B

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  2. He should wear a bib.
  3. Lucrum


    For all his spit and drool?

    Or for his boyfriends semen running down his chin?

  4. Man, I love it. This guy should be bagged up and put in jail. This is the guy running the financial services committee right now.
    What the hell is wrong with washington. All they care about is getting gay marriage pushed through, while 90% of americans don't want it. At the same time collapsing our financial system and destroying 90% of american's wealth and livelihood. I don't know why the pitchforks aren't at washington's doorstep yet.
  5. 377OHMS


    His head should be in a basket along with Dodd and Waters.

    Somebody is going to jail.
  6. My point exactly. Better check under his trousers for knee pads.

  7. sprstpd


    But if Alan Greenspan says you can't see a bubble when it is happening, how is Barney Frank supposed to see it? :confused:
  8. Very good point but are you sure he didn't see it ??

    I sold my rental properties in 2004 because I thought we were peaking.

    If some kid from the Northwoods of Wisconsin could see it I have to wonder how Greenspan missed it??

    Five years later I just started looking for rentals to purchase again. I expect to make at least one purchase this year and next.

    Best to you

  9. I used to work for JP Morgan Chase back in 1999 in Boston and this guy came over to have a speech about gender equality in the workplace or something like that. Man, he has so much pride in himself. It takes guts to say I am gay in front of the finance community.

    I don't remember if he was a senator back then.
  10. gangof4


    this is a horrible and ridiculous comment to make. get a clue....

    everyone knows Barney loves jizz so much that he'd NEVER allow it to seep from his mouth to run down his chin. people think that he has a lisp. no... he just walks around all day with the morning jizz deposit still in his mouth. you try talking with a 8 hour old load in your mouth....
    #10     Apr 24, 2009