Barney Frank: Pitcher Or Catcher?

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  1. We now know for sure. He fucked America in the ass with a GOP Boehner.
  2. Definitely a pitcher and I'll bet the little pages that run around play the catcher role. :eek:
  3. Then they "end" up working for "fannie".
  4. I heard that "freddie" mercury was also good to work for.
  5. i heard his last two assistants were named neil and bob.
  6. He needs to get the knee pads out and take a jizz bath. Otherwise, this bill goes down faster than he does at the Homo bath house.:eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. he's the pitcher, he tried to make the taxpayer the catcher

    but the taxpayer punched him in the mouth

    and wont be his bitch

    at least not for today
  8. EPrado

    EPrado sad is Bush. Couldnt even get his own team to pass this thing. Shows you how bad a president he is.

    McCain surely will get fucked over with this.

    Two things are for sure.

    Dow will close down 800 to 1000 today.....

    Obama will be the next President. The house Republicans stuck it up McCain's ass today.
  9. EPrado


    Too funny......they are blaming Pelosi for this thing failing. Gotta love the Republicans.....always passing the blame.
  10. sho-tim


    Dems have a majority and couldn't get the votes to save their own great big giant boondogle.
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