Barney Frank on CNBC

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  1. Just said it was all the republicans fault, with Fannie and Freddie and he had nothing to do with it.
  2. Lucrum


  3. Neither democraps nor reptards.
    Wallstreet fucked the country, in the ASS.
  4. Barney Fag is a disgrace. He played a major role in the subprime mess. He is also sharp as a tack. His lover ran a gay prostitution ring out of Barney's house. He "claimed" that he knew nothing about it.
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  6. Well, you would know about taking it up the ass oktiri. Your reputation here on ET is that you will suck any dick that moves. :eek:

    I noticed you came to Barney's defense rather quickly. I doubt that was just a coincidence. :D
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    You were saying dumbfuck ?
  8. Don't pull (pun intended) a Barney Fag and "claim" you don't know about your reputation here on ET. It is common knowledge that you like to smoke the tube steak any chance you can get.
  9. And I gather you're upset because that presumably excludes yours?
  10. huh ?

    What a stupid moron,
    Blaming the economic crisis on one democratic congressman........same guy who was predicting a McCain win....
    ignore the dumbass..not worth my time.
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