Barney Frank in 2005 "What housing bubble?"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jficquette, Apr 24, 2009.

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    What a blithering idiot and the dems love him to. Franks needs to go.

    "Excessive degree of concern"
  2. If he is an idiot making 10x as I do, so what am I?
  3. Barney Frank is a shinning star in the Democrat party, he was seen last Nov, pimping for Freddie Mac . . .
  4. My fellow citizens.........this is what it has come to. Have we hit rock bottom yet?
  5. NKNY


    Just heard a clip of him on the radio ...he was on a pbs show saying he was pushing for rentals back then and the republicans were pushing ownership...

    Said that some people are just to poor to own...
  6. Honest, perhaps?
  7. He was also ignorant that a gay prostitution ring was being run out of his apartment.
  8. His boyfriend was high up in Fannie Mae and Franks was protecting his bitch.