Barney Frank calls for MORE immediate government spending increases

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NeoRio1, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Is this guy trying to ruin the country or at least trying to put the country in debt for the next 100 years??? Translated that means more borrowing.
  2. That won't even be a good start.:mad:
  3. No, the medicare extended benefits bill and Bush's sponsored 700 billion $ bailout check took care of that.
  4. After doubling the entire national debt in just two terms, any Republican who complains that spending might increase needs an MRI.
  5. He won't need to as the bi partisan bailout, Bush drug plan for seniors, and the 12 billion a month war is all that is needed.

  6. Okitiri and davie how about i agree with your crazy views for a second and say the republicans are the most evil life forms on the planet. Even if they were does it still make sense to keep on spending right now? A big thank you goes to all the liberals on this forum for addressing the issues in their present state instead of going back years ago and blaming the Bush administration. Of course this whole mess needs to be blamed on republicans only because after all they were the ones who wanted to increase radical lending so people could live the american dream. Oh wait wasn't that the liberals and isnt that the reason we are in this mess?

    Liberals are so insecure about being blamed for any of this mess that they would rather see the country go to shit than be held responsible for any of it.
  7. Just stop using the DEMS are spenders slogan, it has 0 credibility.
    You don't have to agree with my "crazy" views. The majority of American people do.
  8. Ok the dems are tiny spenders and your views are the best. I bet you that you can't answer this simple question though. Will Barney Franks increase in government spending RIGHT NOW and Obama's increase in taxes on those that make 250,000 RIGHT NOW help the economy RIGHT NOW?
  9. YES
  10. Well then i look forward to the day when i can you that you were wrong. And thanks for the childish one word response with no statments whatsoever that would display any proof whatsoever that you know what your talking about.

    Also it is absolutely stunning that you will hate republicans for spending during good times and woriship democrats for spending during bad times. Just shows how screwed up your intellect is.
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