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  1. I am curious if anyone on this board is currently trading with or know someone who is trading with a proprietary trading firm called Barkley Trading??

    I am considering returning to prop trading this time as a remote trader (with 7, 63,55 and 24 licenses), and I am trying to research several firms to see which one will fit my needs the best. Basically I do not want to put up more than $5000 in capital and want to trade NYSE stocks. Although I got some information about the firm by e-mailing them, it would be helpful to get opinions from outside sources.

    Thank you to all who can provide info on them.
  2. Do you need to know which firms are
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    Green tree trading, great eastern trading,
    Andover (assent).
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    ,Profesional traders funds and

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  3. Go to Wordco, it is a top firm and they look for no more than 5k up right now. It is a top quality place.
  4. I just happened to notice that you started a thread asking for info about Worldco (which I think is fine).....but then I see that you have already formed your opinion about them....(again, fine)....but, since you and I have spoken several times, I find interesting. The simple reason that some firms allow anyone to come in with (IMHO), less than adequate capital to start any business venture, is hardly a strong selling point for the enterprise. Bringing in multitudes of people to trade with little chance of success is not a business model that has shown any viability.

    (Not trying to be argumentative, just commenting).

    Have a great holiday weekend!!

  5. Wordco? Okay, I will check them out. I cannot seem to find their ad on ET. Do they advertise here?
  6. Has Bright changed their business model?

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  8. To be quite honest and fair to you, I should answer your inquiry with another response after seeing a response from a friend of mine on here.

    I, like you, have went through a complete search of prop firms over the past year or so.

    I talked to countless numbers of people and visited and made friends at many firms (some of which advertise on here).

    I was impressed with Bright Trading and Hold Brother's.

    From my research and observations, almost any firm that you go to will ask for capital upfront in the current market situation.

    Most firms will ask anywhere between 5-10K right now.

    Bright Trading and Hold Brother's were BY FAR the most upfront with me.

    Worldco, well, they gave me a chance to get in the business so if that makes me say some things about them that are positive then so be it. As far as there current status, well, decided for yourself from past posts and a thorough reserach and analysis of the company. Just like stocks you buy, DO THE RESEARCH - ASK THE QUESTIONS, BE INFORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Not meaning to be disrespectful, but have you actually TRADED at any of these firms that you are giving recommendations on yet?
    You have to understand that prop firms "wine and dine" you while they're trying to get your business, but in my experience you have to actually trade with a firm to be able to form an accurate enough opinion about them.
  10. Martillo


    I traded with them for 1 month in their Hallendale office. They are specialized in NASDAQ liquidity trading. Was hard for me to master, so I took 1 g loss in about 3 weeks and left. The managers are awesome and are super great traders. Alan and Jason. Unfortunately I could not catch it, besides when I was there the market started moving, which makes flipping harder. (Flipping is when you scratch a trade but profit from ECN rebates.

    If you want to trade NYSE stocks I don't recommend them. Hope I could help.
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