Barkley on Republicans

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  1. Dear Charles, an arrest certifies your place into the republican party. Takes some advice from your fellow comrades.


    "Charles please refrain from attacking your fellow republicans. President Bush has called me 'a good ally, a leader who we have worked closely with to get things done for the American people.' Just like Kennyboy, I am a model american citizen as like you."


    "My daddy in Tallahassee Florida says not to...uh...uh.... oh ya, don't be mean to republicans...whoa, when is uncle George coming by, we can do some lines."


    "Fair and balanced news must be televised at all costs, even if means trying to run over a reporter of another network. Viva FoxNews!"
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  2. Shepard Smith's eyes are so for apart the dude can see around the corner. The guy is a space alien.

    We use to have a guy like that in my platoon....we called him Hammerhead (like the shark).

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  3. Hang on ....hang on...I don't think Charles ever punched any female fans.

    But....he did throw a midget through a plate glass window....AND....I do believe he did spit on a little girl courtside.

    Let's be accurate now

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