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  1. uly 20, 2006 -- THE reverb is still echoing over Dan Quayle's walkout in the middle of a John Mellencamp concert in Lake Tahoe last weekend. The singer-songwriter introduced his tune "Wall Talk" by announcing, "This next one is for all the poor people who've been ignored by the current administration." As Quayle exited, the former veep explained, "I didn't appreciate the comment, and besides, I didn't think the show was very good." But Mellencamp said he couldn't care less that Quayle got his knickers in a twist: "I certainly wouldn't have changed a word."

    NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley backed Mellencamp, saying, "He's right." While that may sound odd coming from a former conservative, Barkley told a local reporter, "I was a Republican - until they lost their minds."

    Quayle, known for his great golf game, served as veep under President Bush's father from 1989-'93.
  2. Here's a little ditty bout Abdullah and Bushie
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    Sir Charles. The arbiter of sanity.....

  4. Worse yet, find a pic of him inna cow college uniform!
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    Peter Vescey on Charles Barkley:

    " May 8, 2006 -- TNT execs are charmed, I'm sure, that Charles Barkley has yet to utter a significant or grammatically correct statement since joining the nitwork, or mumble a complete a sentence without interrupting himself."
  6. Yes, he was insane when he was defending the repugnicans...

  7. Actually he'd make a good liberal, except that as far as I know he didn't use his race as an excuse, when he used to punch out female fans . . .
  8. That fucking dirtball was trying his best to bang either of my two friends at a club in N.Y. years ago. After about twenty times of being told to fuck off, one of the girls finally said to him "Aren't you married??? Maybe I should tell your wife what a piece of shit you are".
    After that, "Sir Charles" decided to go and harass some other white women.

    That guy is a fucking hump.
  9. What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

    You anti Repubs find absolutely anything to bitch about, no matter how insignificant.

    Yes, I'm back on chat. I just can't sit idle while incredibly moronic shit gets pressed.
  10. As Colonel Jessup said:

    "You can't handle the truth."

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