Bargain hunting

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by drsteph, Sep 11, 2008.

Are you buying CEF's here?

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  1. Yes, another opportunity just like last year

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  2. No, keep me in cash, thanks!

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  3. Umm, what's a CEF?

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  1. Anyone checking out the carnage in the CEF's? Nice discounts appearing as folks puke out of levered stuff.

    Just as an aside, CAF went this year from a sweet 30% discount to about an 8% premium while $33 was defended. Valuations now approaching the reality of the SSEC.

    Anyone else starting to dip their toes in here as well? (on the off chance that we avoid a total financial meltdown)

    (disclosure: long small JHP, MGU, BGR, ADX)
  2. psst. look at the discounts.

    If u got cojones of steel (and aren't afraid to average down), look and see.