Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kap, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Kap


    1080 in the afterhours, full of wine, I am beginning to think this feels very toppy..

    short. :eek:
  2. NoDoji


    I thought this was a stock tip, you know, BARF, another stock my dog can lie here and try to get me to trade, similar to WOOF.
  3. Kap


    no I dont, but it made me laugh :D ..predicting barf-ing in a few hours, this next bottle is a dodgy red.
  4. Clearly it is at a crassroads according to neo-classical Doakian analysis.
  5. Kap


    that is a very pretty with lovely colours !
  6. Indeed it is. Doaks believes that a thoroughly useless undicator should be gaudy and just complicated enough to convey the false perception that it has predictive value. In the TA community this "look" has come to be described as "Doaksian." The fact that it is not for sale at any price only enhances its cachet.
  7. Kap


    ha, I hear ya :D
  8. Kap


    covering 25% @1075, for + 5, will add on posps north

    meanwhile, on a more important note, i have moved on from an expensive italian sangiovese to a french cotes-du-rhone, much more quaffable...

    ....and the the birds are allready singing in euro-land