Bardot Prosecuted For Complaining About Muslim Invasion Of France

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  1. That's what happens in the Fifth Republic.
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  2. Soon America will have her 1st Muslim president, worry about your own ass first :D
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    A continent that went from Papism to atheism in 100 years is hardly going to reverse course for a minority of booze-swilling, fornicating, chain-smoking 3rd generation unobserving former muslims. Education, western culture, booze, and cross-breeding will neutralise radical Islam in Europe within a generation.
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    First part is correct. Lack of consitutional provision for free speech is extremely dangerous in any civilised society. The "hate crime" legislation, which has its roots in German, Swiss and Austrian holocaust denial laws, has sowed the first seeds of a potential Orwellian state where thought and speech becomes a crime. The UK, with its higher levels of violence and warfare in the history & culture of the nation, is more robust and if that happens here, people will respond with violent protest and direct action (at least this Brit will), as they did with the Poll Tax riots in the late 80s. However, France, Holland, and the more "liberal" countries have already caved in to some degree, and with their supine pacifist populations the political elites can get away with it.

    The second part is a bit misleading - Americans can be issued fatwas and gunned down by terrorists too.
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    Religious doctrines aren't protected by the first amendment. Only the *right to express* those doctrines is.

    The teachings of every major religion are, in this case, prejudiced narrow-minded immoral bullshit. As long as homosexuals engange only in consensual conduct and do not harm others, there is nothing immoral at all in their conduct. Condemning such people purely because of the deluded rantings of a conman claiming to represent an imaginary god is the only immoral thing here.
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  6. That's your opinion, and at least for now in the US, you're entitled to it, as are the vast majority who would disagree with you. The vast majority of those people however would recognize and defend your right to express your opinion, even though they found it revolting and ignorant. The problem is that many on the left don't feel that way. They feel that opinions that stray from the PC line should be repressed.

    As for your understadning of the First Amendment, I suggest it is broader than you state. There is nothing in it that limits the freedom of religion to expression only. It speaks in terms of "freedom of religion", which encompasses not only the practice of religion but the belief system and doctrines behind them. In extreme cases, the state can override religious doctrine, eg by compelling medical assistance for a child, but criminalizing religious doctrine would be clearly unconstitutional.
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  7. ================================
    Fines & prison;
    or execution.

    I wonder if our current Baptist Sunday School literature [teaching Book of Genisis,chapter by chapter ]including God destroying Sodom & Gomorah would be hate speech in France??

    Not sure why Bridget B beef with'' unemployed'';
    too much french welfare perhaps???

    Think Rev Wright is a phoney- false prophet ,who seems to refuse to preach much against black sins.But sure like to snarl like a wolf against ''whitey ''& white sin. But he has a constitutional right to spew garbage. And while you cant snarl ''fire'' in a crowded theater;
    his stage/theater is not that crowded.LOL

    Fox news had a interesting article today about Pastor Rod Parsly,DR John Hagee endorsing Senator McCain. NYT, having a fit over that .LOL

    Hate speech laws are absurd, & can be free speech interference;, they will never prevent a holocaust.
    As if a murderer doesn't already hate his victim.
    JPFO [Jews fot Possession of Firearms Ownership.] & NRA may stop another Holocaust.

    However even the French underground did some good warfare against Nazi war machine. And if you want an interesting read,GOOG ,JPFO research linking Nazi gun laws with American gun laws......

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  8. ====================
    Re; Attraction to peoople/same sex, some of those are men;
    not that i usually look/think @ men as ''same sex''

    Well i don't know why[principal] Aaron Zellman mentioned the fact a lesbian joined [JPFO] Jews for Posession of Firearms Ownership. But he printed that once,perhaps for such a time as this.

    Mark Twain said the main trouble he had with God was he thought God should hit more people with lightening bolts, Frankly God has more unconditional love, so he doesnt operate like that all the time.

    Some say a high %% of homosexuals really never had;
    much of a dad. Maybe so.I have an attraction /love to my heavenly father,through Jesus, & earthly Dad, but its not a sexual attraction.

    Had a stranger stop me for directions once.i figured he was a homosexual,yet he wanted to chat a while. So we did, we didnt insult each other with ''homophobe.,idiot...& other insulting names ''

    Mentioned, to that stranger,I am a Christian,for several good reasons, including i didnt want him to hit on me.LOL

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