Barclays no longer partners with Coinbase

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  1. Barclays no longer will provide banking services to Coinbase and that is affecting UK clients of the crypto exchange as it has lost access to the UK’s Faster Payments Scheme (FPS), which allows instant deposits and transfers in British pounds.

    As a result deposits and withdraws in fiat currencies made by UK clients of Coinbase now take days instead of minutes.

    The reasons for the divorce between Barclays and Coinbase are not yet known, but an anonymous source says the decision might be connected with a process of risk reassessment initiated by the bank.
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    Now it gonna give rise to many rumours... but it's definitely the process reverse to the spread of BTC legal use. Is today's slump associated with these news or it's just coincidence?
  3. accesssory to money laundering. or accessory to crime laws.
    who uses bitcoin? other than money laundering and illegal activities?
    as for trading it's gambling man.
    you have to 'trust' these people or hustlers with your money.
    these poeople are anonymous and have no fixed address etc. and your wire money to THEM?
    are you stupid or what?
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    How many Barclays customers use coinbase? It was a probably a sparsely used route. Barclays sound a lot more crypto friendly than Citibank who I had crypto problems with.
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    Santander have also stopped the faster parents from Coinbase.