Barclays coming on board as well

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by MrAngry, Nov 30, 2007.

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    the end of the bucket shops is nigh.
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    barx is the clearing arm of Barclays. I think the products listed on that page is for institutional trading only - I don't believe that Barclays offers retail currency trading for the masses, yet.

    Like surdo says, they have been around for a while and are one of the top liquidity providers in the currency arena.
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    I disagree 100%

    It is something new. Barx was aimed at instituional clients. It will now be aimed at retail through Barclays Stockbrokers. It's a Barx-lite if you like.

    Barclay bought Schwab out in the UK and is now the country's biggest retail stock broker. It has experience of handling thousands of small accounts and it retains hold on the technology.

    This is very different from the WLPs that have already been reported - the platform will be rolled out in the UK initially and it is aimed at retail.

    REPEAT: The end of the bucket shop is nigh. If you put your money with any of the cowboys that have been identified and you do your cods, please visit your local tatooist and get MUPPET stamped indelibly on your head.
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    Muppet Master:

    We all appreciate your rant, can you please post the press release or Barclays' link so we can all be safe and sound with our Fx accounts and sleep at night. Barclays is certainly a sound institution, but NOT immune to default.

    surdo the muppet
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    it's on

    This is a subscripton site, but has a trial facility. I write it, so please be aware of this. I'm not trying to encourage you to access it, just making you aware of it.

    Again, apologies for the small advert. But I do think I provide a service, as this board does as well, which is why I look at it. Euromoney has a fair degree of clout in FX. Please feel free to contact me if there's anything juicy you want me to look further into

    The bare facts are in my earlier post - Barclays will launch a retail platform in Q1 2008.