Barcharts OR Candlesticks (daytrading eminis)

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  1. Do you use the Candlestick chart or Barchart?...seems most emini day traders use the candlesticks...correct?
  2. Most professionals are using candle sticks now. I use bar charts for the $TICK readings.

  3. thanks spectra
  4. Just make sure you don't get confused in thinking that because someone is using candlestick charts doesn't imply they are methodology is based upon candlestick patterns.

    Simply, most traders I know using candlestick charts are not using candlestick patterns/analysis as part of their trading plan.

  5. imo candlesticks convey information easier than bars. dunno if this makes sense.
  6. Mark...what is the best website (not actual book) that lists the candlesticks and what they mean...I.E. bullish, selling tail etc...thanks!!!
  7. I've always like the basic candlestick explanations at

    They give a decent overall along with providing some simple generic and actual chart examples.

    However, if any website doesn't actually provide any trade management rules nor state what specific trading instrument the pattern has been tested/traded...

    View the site as just basic information.

    Simply, any site that explains the different between Shooting Stars, Inverted Hammer Lines and normal Hammer Lines...

    That would rank high on my list as a decent site for basic definitions/explanations.


  8. And that statement is based on.................?????


  9. Just for those who might find it interesting, the very same thing
    can be said for traders here in Japan too!! Other than line charts,
    all printed charts are candlestick. Most of the software provided
    by brokers has both canclestick and bar charts. But almost
    nobody in Japan uses the analysis for which candlesticks were originally made.
  10. thanks Mark...again, great insight and help!!!...INow
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