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    Hi All
    i've read on different ET forums of people using as a data feed. However when i go to their site and try to find their data services i get directed to their 3 different platforms - QuotePlus, WebStation and Barchart Professional.

    It looks like you can't just buy their data. Or am i missing the fact that you would subscribe to quoteplus and then use the data on your own charting package? It really isn't clear on their site.

    Does anyone know the answer? If so i'd really like to know!

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    Forgot to mention. I'd be using it on Multicharts and Barchart isn't on their list of compatible data providers. So i've got another issue, if Barchart do supply a data feed, I don't know if there's a way i could use it. Unless i can use as ASCII or something, i'm not too sure what the limits of that type of processing are.
  3. I use barchart with Ninja Trader. Most chart packages have deals with data providers they support. I see you use MultiCharts and yes, as you found they are not supported by MultiCharts.

    When I used MultiCharts I was fortunate enough to have a broker who was supported by MultiCharts (who I have since left).

    Oh well, wish I could help but as you are finding out not every chart package supports every datafeed.

    Another example - now that I use Ninja (not trying to change you!) the broker I use (which was supported by MultiCharts) is not supported by Ninja. Whew!

    So hence I have a datafeed for my trade platform, and a datafeed for charts. It stinks sometimes, but this is the real world I guess.
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    HI mtrader47
    thanks for the reply. Like you say, getting the right software and data feed can be less than straightforward. I've spoken to barchart and they do not provide a usable data feed for MC. Now looking at other options.
  5. Does anyone have experience using data and software? I just looked at the site and it looks very interesting but there is very little about it that I could find on Elite Trader which is surprising because they look like on of the major sites as far as web-charts.

    I was looking for the best web chart site so that when I am on various computers during the day (away from my main workstations) I would like to pull up charts quickly just using a browser.

    Also now that I am looking at the software and real-time feeds I would like to know how they compare to eSignal and the rest of usual cast of characters.
  6. I just was checking out Sierra charts and noticed that their data service is provided by Barcharts.

    I have tested Sierra extensively durring the past week and it runs very well with IB/TWS. In just TWS alone if I open about 6 tick data charts my CPU usage goes up a lot so for effective fast trading and to keep the interface running snappy that is about all I can run (6 charts at a time). But with Sierra Charts hooked up to TWS the computer is idling at 20% CPU with 16 charts open!

    Anyway, I really think that Sierra is good solid software and if they are using BarCharts as their data provider then the BarCharts data feed probably is good.